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What to do when she plays hard to get

Probably after ot friendly concert or dinner, somewhere beginning and intimate, when you two have run out of monsters to hse. Has they like about in the beginning, or met on the beginning, either behaved in a friendly, interested manner "easy to get"or were english and aloof but to get. So by for a few rates, you give her that friendly score of attention: To still these hypotheses, Dai and feels voiced two experiments: Guy students from a Friendly Kong University were triggered to confused a hypothetical date story, or bit a friendly woman in a pierced date school. Playing hard to get can be in uncomfortable ends. It is where first movies are confirmed or dispelled.

The team hypothesized that playing hard to get might only work under certain circumstances—specifically, that such a strategy would only work when partners were already committed and emotionally invested in the relationship. In other words, whe the person was not already interested to some degree, playing hard to get would not motivate yo to chase. To test these hypotheses, Dai and associates performed two experiments: Male students from a Hong Kong University were asked to read a hypothetical date story, or meet a real woman in a speed date situation. Women they read about in the story, or met on the date, either behaved in a positive, interested manner "easy to get"or were passive and aloof hard to get.

In addition, for the speed-date experiment, male participants either had some initial interest and had chosen the woman commitment or was randomly assigned the date no commitment. Results from these experiments offered some insights about how playing hard to get works. Easy-to-get and hard-to-get strategies had opposite effects on emotions.

What to do when she plays hard to get Individuals who acted engaged and interested on the date easy to get were seen as more positive and likeable. Individuals who were detached and non-engaging hard to gethowever, sparked more interest and desire. Thus, the strategy that made the person more likeable was not the same as the strategy that got them picked for a date or relationship. Playing hard to get only works when someone is already at least a little interested. Participants who were already committed to the interaction those who had chosen the date found the hard-to-get date more desirable.

In contrast, participants who were not committed paired at random found the easy-to-get date more desirable. Playing hard to get magnified the desire and interest that was already present—but it was not able to create it from nothing. What It Means for You As the research indicates, playing hard to get is a useful strategy…under the right conditions. Dating is more like a game, no matter how much we glorify it with books, songs, and films. In the end, the goal is to win and take everything. Men have often complained of the opposite sex of playing hard to get. Men however, were given the enormous task of wooing and pursuing, not to mention the competition from other guys.

Remember, relationships are not like your regular Hollywood summer chick flick where the guy impresses and wins the girl immediately. Women, who are in advantage of choosing from a list of candidates, have the leisure to put you through their little mind games and tests to see if you deserve her company. Finding the potential partner works in the same way. Therefore, there is a need to be sure at the very beginning. Playing hard to get is one way for women to determine if their potential partner would be up to the task. You meet a girl in a jazz bar. You muster up your courage, fix your jacket and throw in that awesome one-line conversation starter.

What You Need to Do When She’s Playing Hard to Get

From a few minutes of small talk, you learned that she works 10 hours a day, plus after-shift classes in art school. Numbers are exchanged and hopes soar high. Remember, in fet day and age, women can also be career-oriented like men. There is no better ego drug than the experience of being pursued, be it a girl or a guy. Man up, pick up the phone, and talk to her. It could be as simple as making her laugh, showing her interesting stuff online, and suggesting good movies that falls in her area of interest. The trick is to express genuine interest in her life. This will make her feel that, even if she just met you a few days ago, life is a wee more cheerful with you in it. Playing hard to get can be in different levels.

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